Thursday, 17 March 2011

Generation 1: Chapter 7

The only moment of peace Hal and I get is when we're sleeping - and even that's short-lived! Having a toddler and two babies is taxing, and you're so tired your nerves are frayed, and every little thing gets on your nerves.

I'd be up at all hours of the morning, feeding the twins and changing their diapers. Once one started crying...

...the other one started crying, like a chain reaction. They just do everything together, and it drives me nuts.

Pandora's a lot better now she's a toddler. She's learned to talk and is potty-trained, so she doesn't cry when her nappy needs changed and if she's hungry she can just say so and we'll feed her, no problem.

I've been working hard on my designing and painting skills, learning what colours match and what colours don't. Some paintings I hang on the wall.

Here's one of my best works so far. It hangs pride of place outside the bathroom door.

Not more birthdays! My kids were growing up so fast, I just couldn't believe it. I was sure Jack was going to be so handsome.

I was right! Yeah, he looks a little grumpy in this picture but I think that's because I wouldn't let him get more cake, although I think that slice is big enough. It's almost the size of his head!

Here he is after his makeover! The girls will just be clamoring over him...I dread to think!

It was Pandora's turn next. I couldn't believe she was turning into a child - it was so surreal! All these birthdays were making me think of my own impending doom...I mean, aging. But I wasn't going to dwell on that, it was time to focus on Pandora.

She sat there clapping her hands for a few minutes, then said "Sparkle!" and aged up into a child.

Here she is as a child after her makeover! She looks so much like Hal, it's strange! She's like a carbon copy of him, except for the fact she's a female!

She seems to have taken a liking to the swing in the playroom.

For their birthdays, we got Pandora a chess set (the little genius she was...she was saying "contemplate" from the minute she learned to idea where she picked it up) and we got Jack a guitar, he had always had a gift for music and we knew he'd like it. We knew Pandora would love her chess set too - she was all into the logical side of thinking.

We were right! Jack and Pandora loved their gifts, running through to tell us thank you. There was a bit of a traffic jam at the door, with two of them trying to get through it at once. Jack, being clumsy, actually ran into the glass before he realized he had to turn the handle.

Like I said, Jack has such a talent for music. He was strumming out beautiful tunes within half an hour of getting to know the chords! Pandora took about 15 minutes memorizing the little figures and where they can go, and was soon playing against herself. None of us were brave enough to challenge her...we were so sure she would demolish us!

Hal's promotion to a Lieutenant brought us home a shiny new car - a police cruiser! Finally, we wouldn't have to travel around in taxis. Yes, it was certainly noticeable, but it was a private car. Who was I to complain?

Once again, it was time for a birthday! The twins were aging up now, into toddlers. Since Denver was born first, he was the first to age...

...into a sudden growth of hair. I think that should be changed immediately.

Much better! Denver loved his little bunny costume, and doesn't really like to have anything else on. What a cutie!

Lilith went next...

How gorgeous is she!? I have no idea where the blonde hair came from...maybe someone in Hal's family had blonde hair, I don't know.

She was sweet before, but now she's just the epitome of sweetness! She is so cute.

They then went to play with (or eat...) the blocks. Don't be fooled by their cuteness and innocence now...

...because even Jack, who is so family-oriented, can't calm them down when something's wrong. Speaking of Jack, he's great with Pandora and the twins...he takes just as much care of them as Hal and I do!

However, while Denver screams blue murder at anyone who dares not feed him in time, Lilith just sits there, eating her hand. But she can cause a riot, trust me. When they're both hungry...woe betide anyone who's trying to sleep.

The kids were beginning to learn how to walk and talk, and we were potty training them too. They were fairly quick to learn, and soon enough...

...they were taking their first (unsteady) steps! Hal and I were so proud, of all our kids. Jack was taking to the guitar like a duck to water, while Pandora was just getting better and better at chess.

They were soon saying their first words, too. Our house was certainly busy, but with an extra "parent" in Jack, we were able to get by quite nicely.

All the younger kids loved to play together, with Pandora playing with blocks, and the twins playing with (or in Lilith's case, in) the toybox. Denver loved his rocket toy!

Even with the new house upgrade, things were forever breaking around here! None of us are especially handy so we have to spend 50 Simoleans on a handyman.

One night, well morning, at about 3 O'Clock, I was wandering around the house tidying stuff up since I couldn't sleep. I heard faint music coming from Jack's bedroom, and went to investigate. I found him playing his guitar! At 3 O'Clock in the morning!

"Young man, just what do you think you're doing?" I demanded. "It's 3 O'Clock in the morning, and you're still dressed! You have school tomorrow, for the love of Plumbob!"

He set his guitar on the stand and turned to face me, scowling.
"Well, excuse me mom, but I lost track of time and anyway, you have work tomorrow. Why are you up at this time of the morning?"
"Don't you talk to me like that!" I growled.

"You think you can just stay up and play your guitar until whenever you please, don't you? Well, Jack, I have news for you. You still live in this house, so you still have to do as I say, and I will not tolerate this sort of rudeness!"
"Geez, mom, cool it! I lost track of time, OK?" Jack retorted, angrily. "Since when were you a tyrant? Just get out of my room!"
"Jack Houston, you will not speak to me like that ever again!"

I stormed out the door, and Jack slammed it behind me before I could. I had a startling realisation that that type of outburst was just the kind of thing my mother would do, and she had tossed me out of the house as soon as she could.

What was I turning into?


  1. I liked it!Where did you get that dress that Lilith is wearing? I love it! :)

  2. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I don't know where I got it...I think it's from a Sim in the Exchange. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!