Thursday, 21 April 2011

Generation 1: Chapter 9

My baby bump was starting to show, if only a tiny bit. Yes, I was happy, but at the same time I was sinking into my own little world, closed off from everyone else. And with every kick that baby made, I sank deeper into that world, because they were a constant reminder of Hal.

But as depressed as I was, life goes on. It was Pandora's birthday, and she would be aging into a teen! As usual, we had a small party with only our family, and kept it quiet so as not to disturb the neighbors.

...Interesting. However, she did age up in her pyjamas so the underwear is acceptable. Even so, she desperately required a makeover.

Much better. She's a good mixture of Hal and I - she got the shape of his eyes. She was really excited to become a teenager and finally see more of the world. She did promise me that she wouldn't stay out after curfew, though.

Again, I had a diet of watermelons, ice cream and spaghetti, much like when I was pregnant with Pandora. I wasn't sure if it was healthy to be eating so many watermelons, but at least I wasn't gorging on chocolate instead. That really would be unhealthy!

The next couple of weeks went by in a flurry of funeral arrangements. It was a small funeral, just us. Poor Lilith and Denver had no idea what was going on, or why everyone was so sad, but they weren't a problem. They didn't cry, or ask for attention, they just sat there quietly, holding each other's hands.

Soon afterwards, it was the twins' birthday. Denver went first, because he was born the first, and so he aged up...

...into a handsome young man! He looked so much like his father, it made me kind of sad just to look at him, even though I hate to say it. He took a big slice of cake and set it down in front of where he wanted to sit, then waited for his sister to age up.

And so, I brought Lilith to the cake and blew out the candles for her, with her making feeble puffs at the candles herself.

Hmm. Not bad, but a change of hairstyle and clothing is still required.

And so, here she is! She has Hal's eye shape, too. It seems like that's a dominant gene!

The decorators did a really good job on their rooms. The top one is Denver's, in his favourite colours - green and blue! The bottom is Lilith's, and since her favourite colour is aqua, she loved her room.

Denver seemed to have a real knack for all things artistic. I got him this easel for his birthday, and he nearly wet himself when he saw it! He usually stays in his room and paints nowadays, but he makes sure he doesn't neglect his studies - well, I make sure, anyway!

Lilith is a good soul, so instead of asking for a "proper" present she just asked for money so she could donate it to charity. I gave her 100 Simoleans, which she donated to the Veronaville Community Chest straight away, giving me a hug as she ran outside to the mailbox.

This baby was really stressing me out. It was long overdue, and it was kicking more than the other kids had, as if it was trying to get out - but it just wouldn't. I threw myself into my gardening in the hope that the exercise would help get the baby out.

And for the love of Plumbob I certainly needed to throw myself into gardening! Since Hal died I just couldn't muster up the spirit to tend to my garden, and the crops suffered for it.

It was when I was heading to the trash can to dispose of a dead plant that I felt fluid running down my leg. My water had broken, and the contractions had started! It was finally time for the baby to get out into the world.

It was a beautiful baby girl! As I welcomed Bellamy into the world, I was glad the doctor had been right and I was having a girl - the decorators I had hired to do up Denver and Lilith's rooms had also decorated the new baby's room perfectly for a little girl.

As I brought Bellamy into the nursery, I felt another contraction! I hurriedly placed her in her crib, and prepared for giving birth...again! I just couldn't believe I was having twins - again! Well, at least I hope it's twins...I don't think I can deal with triplets right now!

This one was a lot more painful that the first, and that's saying something! Right then, I made a vow to myself to never have another child.

A few minutes after I had that thought, I welcomed Bayleigh into the world - my sixth and final child.

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  1. Gahh I wish I had the ... consistency to write a legacy they are so much fun! :D