Friday, 4 February 2011

Generation 1: Chapter 3

I finally saved up enough money to buy four walls! Unfortunately, it was just an outhouse, but it was something, anyway. It was cramped and a claustrophobic's definition of hell but at least I would get some privacy. I was proud of myself and ever-so-slightly smug.

And I got a promotion! Sure, the outfit's hideous (Helloo!? I'm meant to be in the stylist profession. I'm meant to be making a good impression on the clients. Dressing like a granny is not the right way to go) but the pay was more and, who knows? Maybe I'll get to expand my four walls if I save up enough! Note to self: Walls are expensive.

I started seeing more and more of Hal. I went to visit him quite often and we were quite the loved-up pair, though we weren't officially going steady. One day I went to his house and asked him. He was unsure at first but one look from my pleading eyes made him cave in and he accepted. He does have commitment issues after all.

Now that we were officially a pair we would go out to The Little Corsican Bistro every Sunday to have some food. We'd look quite odd together, him with his muscles and we with my neon hair and granny clothes. Still, it was fun and we were really going strong. Sometimes we'd even watch the sunset together.

I had saved up even more money and bought myself a double bed. I was pretty sure this would come in handy some time...*wink* It was slightly more comfortable than my old bed and it had more space so I wouldn't find myself falling out every so often.

I invited Hal over, to have some alone time with him. I asked him to stay the night and flirted with him practically all night. Then this happened.
      It was absolutely amazing. As I kissed him for the first time, fireworks were going off in my head and I was finding it hard to stop. So I didn't. I barely stopped kissing him that entire night, save for the time we spent catching some Zs.

I woke up to find Hal gone. I decided that he had probably gone to work and thought nothing of it. I was feeling great - I had a day off today, the sun was shining, I had just had my first kiss - things were going pretty well. I made myself some breakfast and thought about what to do. I couldn't just sit here twiddling my thumbs, so I got up and went to the pool.

I stood at the water's edge, staring out at the ripples dancing across the surface of the water. I don't know why I came here if I wasn't going to swim, though it wasn't as if I was a hydrophobic or anything. I think I just came here to look cool and show off my bikini bod so I went and sat down on a deck chair... to this woman who was clearly dressed in attire suitable for swimming. Hot. I watched two people having a hold breath contest, and some kids having an argument over an inflatable dinosaur.
"I want the dinosaur!"
"No, I want the dinosaur!"
"Give me the dinosaur!"
"Get your own!"
"I want my mommy!"
"I want my mommy!"
These kids were seriously putting me off my lifetime dream to raise five kids from babies to teenagers, so I promptly left since I couldn't seem to nod off.


A few months later, I called Haland asked him to meet me at the art gallery. I don't know what made me change into my formal dress, but I did anyway since it kind of suited the occasion. Me and Hal were closer now, if that was even possible, and I was ready to do something life-changing. I sure hoped I was up for it. Together, we perused the rooms of traditional and modern works of art, marvelling at the talent of every single artist displayed there, until we were finally outside again, and it was dark. My heart drumming louder than a herd of elephants doing the tango, I got down on one knee.

"Hal," I said, reaching for the little velvet box that was kept in a hidden pocket in my dress, "I know this is kind of backwards but I figure if I don't do this, neither of us will. Hal, I knew from the second I saw you that you were the man I loved. And so, one thing leads to another, and our love seems to be stronger than ever. Hal Breckenridge, I love you. Will you be my husband?"
Hal was so excited that he started hopping about from foot to foot when he saw the ring. "Oh my Plumbob, AJ!" he yelled. "Oh my Plumbob!"

"So I'll take that as a yes, then?" I asked as he hugged me delightedly.
"Of course!" he replied enthusiastically, kissing my neck. Finally, after many months of passion, Hal was my fiancĂ©, and I wouldn't have any other guy in his place.

The next few weeks whizzed by in a whirlwind of wedding plans, promotions and love. I would call Hal up regularly to check that everything was ready for the wedding, and he would reassure me that yes, everything was ready, and that I had picked just the right spot for our wedding. And finally, the date arrived.

"With this ring I thee wed..."

 "With this ring, I thee wed..."

...And so, we shared our first kiss as husband and wife. I was perfectly happy right then and there, and nothing could have put a dampener on my mood. I was married!

 Cherry Blossom Chapel was definitely the right place to get married. It was just built two years ago, according to some locals, so it wasn't too old for my tastes. Traditional weddings aren't my style.

 After all the guests had gone we had some alone time before going home...

 ...which we immediately expanded! Sure it was tiny, but we only had about 6,000 Simoleans to spend and that wasn't going to buy us a palace. So we made do with what we had. After all, it was cosy.
 We were both hungry after the adrenaline rush that was a wedding, and so I prepared Mac and Cheese - something cheap, since we only had about 81 Simoleans between us - and ate it together. After that, well...

 ...Enough said.


  1. Aww, I'm so happy they're married! I laughed at the woman at the pool in her work clothes, and the two kids' dialogue :)