Sunday, 13 February 2011

Generation 1: Chapter 4

Not long after the night we got married, I began to feel sick and started throwing up. Hal, being the amazing husband he was, was extremely concerned and suggested we contacted a doctor.
"No, Hal, it's fine," I would say, smiling and telling him that he was overreacting.
He would ask if I was sure, and I would reply that yes, I was, and would immediately hug him.

I woke up a couple of mornings later to find my stomach was swollen ever-so-slightly. I was, of course, confused as I hadn't been feeling up to much eating what with my stomach bug, but it seemed different - not like fat swollen, more swollen?
I gasped audibly. Sure, it was jumping to conclusions, but I had all the signs. I was absolutely thrilled, and I woke Hal up right away to tell him the news.

"You're what!?" he exclaimed, a look of utter shock on his face.
"Pregnant!" I repeated.
"Honey, that's...I'm gonna be a dad! Oh my...This is just so..."
"I know!" I squealed.
Nothing could have made me happier at that moment, not even if someone had given me a million Simoleans.

Hal and I had saved for a rainy day for ages, and so we decided that it was raining cats and dogs! We expanded the house so we had more room, and so the child (or children - eek!) could have a better place to grow up in. Let's do the grand tour!

This is the newly expanded living and dining room, complete with a stereo and a small TV so we weren't bored out of our wits. Hal's job was pretty stressful and pregnancy was taking its toll on me, so we both liked to unwind in front of the TV after a hard day.

We upgraded the kitchen a little, too. That trophy is an award I got for styling lots of Sims in Riverview, and I was very proud of my achievement.

Here's Hal and I's bedroom. Not much has changed but it's a little bigger. Heck, we needed space what with my balloon belly! It hasn't changed a lot because we ran out of money, but we're working on that.

This is the bathroom! It was so cramped in our old one and we didn't have a shower, but now we can have baths as well! It's nice to just lie in the bath rubbing your tummy, imagining a little baby in there. It's really relaxing, even without bubble bath or rubber ducks!

And finally, the nursery! We aren't sure if the baby's a boy or a girl so we decided on something neutral that was a little more interesting than your basic yellows and greens. The baby's sure going to be lucky!

Pregnancy was difficult on me, but thankfully Hal did amazing massages, and he did them for free - unlike the salon. We just didn't have enough money for a professional massage, and why would I spend that money when Hal would give me perfectly good ones for no cost at all?
I had found another way of passing the time - gardening. It was very calming to watch my plants grow, just like the child inside of me. Sure, maybe the weeding was tough, especially later on in my pregnancy, but it was OK, since I was cheered up by the fact that I was going to have a family!

 Late one night, I was awoken by the sharp pains in my stomach. It was the most painful thing I had ever experienced, and I stood up, confused as to what it would be. Looking back, it seems stupid that I didn't know what it was, but hey, it was 1 in the morning.
"HAL!" I screeched.
"What?" he groggily mumbled.
"The damn baby's coming, that's what!"
Hal leaped out of bed and panicked.
"What do I do!?" he yelled.
"Take me to the hospital or something!"
"OK! OK, um,! Right! The hospital!"
"HAL!" I yelled at him. "Hurry UP!" The contractions were coming harder and faster now, and it was hardly bearable. He dialed the cab number on his phone with trembling fingers while I huffed and puffed, clutching my stomach.
"Oh, it hurts! HAL, IT HURTS! Do something!"
"Hello? Hello, my wife's in labour! You have to take us to the hospital, quick!" He rattled off our address.
"The taxi will be there as soon as possible," he informed me.
"How soon is as soon as possible?" I wheezed. The pain was unbearable.
"I don't know!"

'As soon as possible' turned out to be about 30 seconds. The cabbie must have heard my screechings over the phone and decided it would probably be best to get there faster than he had ever driven before.
Finally, we arrived at the hospital, where I gave birth... a bouncing baby boy! I was so proud, and Hal couldn't have been happier, even though he had wanted a girl.

Jack Houston, my little Prince!


  1. Aww, very cute! Can't wait to see how Jack grows up :)

  2. I've already played way ahead into the game but I had to go to bed and wanted to end the chapter with a birth. He's pretty adorable!