Friday, 18 February 2011

Generation 1: Chapter 5

Little Jack was such a sweetie, and a blessing to us both. Hal would constantly go and play with him, and when he got home from work he would immediately go through to the nursery to give his son a hug and a kiss.

Of course, I gave the little guy plenty of hugs and kisses too. I was so protective of him I hardly let him out of my sight, except for when I was in the bath, or cooking.

Having a baby, of course, had it's drawbacks. Hal and I were up at all hours of the morning keeping him happy. We barely let him cry for one minute. He certainly kept us busy!

Soon - too soon - it was little Jack's birthday Our little baby boy was going to be a toddler! I felt so happy yet so sad at the same time. The days just seemed to fly by.

Aw! He looks a bit dopey at the moment but I'm sure that will change.

I have decided that it will be customary to give each child a makeover when they grow up. Straight after his, Jack went to play with his xylophone. He seems gifted - I'm sure he's going to be a good musician when he's older!

Now that Jack was older, I talked to Hal about having more children. I always wanted a big family and I think this would be good for us. Luckily, he agreed...

...and we got right down to business! It was fun the first time, and it was fun the second time. I don't think I'll get sick of this in a hurry...

Hal is an amazing parent! When he wasn't working, or improving his Logic skill, he was playing with Jack. That kid is so spoiled, but what can I say? He's our first child.

I had started throwing up again, and this time I'm pretty sure what it is...

But of course, a possible incoming baby didn't stop us from teaching Jack some important life talking and walking. He didn't seem too hot on his feet, and it took him a while to get the hang of walking, but he eventually managed it, though he still falls over a bit.

Soon (and predictably) enough, I woke up with a baby bump! I could hear lullabies and violins in my head, and grinned with delight. I was pregnant with my second child!

Now that I was pregnant I was having strange cravings for things like spaghetti and ice cream...and watermelons. I would go through about six watermelons a day. I don't even know why, I wasn't all that fond of them! But at least it was healthy. I would try to eat my spaghetti and ice cream sparingly but the less I ate, the more I craved it. However, I would succumb to my desire of watermelons daily, to keep my waistline in check.

I was really starting to show! My belly was getting more and more prominent daily, and I was being forced to waddle everywhere. Jack was beginning to call me "pengin-mommy"! He still hasn't been able to pronounce some words properly, and "penguin" is no exception. He's a chatty kid, though, and kept us entertained for a while each night, telling us "stories" while he drank his milk.

It was late at night again when I went into labour. Hal was at work so he couldn't call a cab, and neither could I so I had a home birth. I didn't want to leave jack on his own, either. I was hit by wave after wave of contractions, and it hurt so much!

"Just...a little...longer..." I wheezed to myself as I pushed. "Spin and pop...just spin and pop..."
I tried to contain my screaming, as there was a toddler almost next door. I didn't want to worry him, so I stayed as quiet as possible.

I was blessed with an adorable baby girl! I was so happy, I could cry. I held her in my arms, never wanting to let go. I had wanted a baby girl all my life, and finally, I had her.

My little Pandora Houston...


  1. Aww, adorable chapter! Jack is so cute and I know Pandora will be too :)

  2. Very nice. I like the litte picture with her welcoming too. -) Will add you to the blogroll.

  3. Aww, thanks! I really appreciate it.